19.03.2016 | Drum&Bass | Entry: 8€ <00:00> 10€


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➫ QO (Czech Republic) | Eatbrain, Citrus, Disturbed, Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, Overtech, Abducted, Mindtech, Austerity, Black Seeds, Dangerous New Age, Fatality


Petr Vicher aka Qo is an upcoming drum and bass dj and producer from Czech drum and bass scene. His first contact with mighty sound of drum and bass are dated somewhere around 2001/2002, a „golden era“ of drum and bass – as he said. It was time of techstep duo Konflict, which was (and still is) one of his biggest influences.

Workin on his own sound for years, building his name with releases on Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, and Disturbed, in 2011 he finally get a debut 12″ release of tracks „Infected“ and „War Stomp“ on one of most iconic labels of drum and bass – netherlands Citrus Recordings. From this time, his sound is defined somewhere between techstep and neurofunk – hardhittin‘, full-of-bass-facerippin‘ techy drum and bass. He also gained succes with his next single „Distress Signal“ (with vocals from Hostile MC) and „Total Control“ on Disturbed. Then the „Armored Core“ released on wax on british label Close 2 Death with dj support from big names such as Optical, Ed Rush, BSE, Audio, Chris Renegade, Smooth, Optiv, Phace, Chris.Su and others.

Nowadays, he is working on a few new tracks and projects like Ep for Hungarian Eatbrain to name just one. You can expect both solo tracks and also collaborations with czech and foreign producers. Stay Tuned!

➫ GOSH (Hungary) | Highscore


Organizer & resident DJ @ Fluc Wanne. Producer, hobby MC, and the head of .. HighScore, Rave On Vienna, Club Panda,
& several other events.

➫ EMX | Comrade DnB


Resident DJ of Comrade DnB. Proven himself since more then ten years in various Electronic Music styles. He worked as an Event Manager and has his own Event Series at the SUB Club in Austria. Before he worked for the Schiffbruch Event Series as an Booking Agent & Resident DJ. 2011 he presented his Skills at the ‚Urban art Forms Festival‘. Since then he organized the „UAF PreParty“ 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 in Wiener Neustadt. In following years he played numerous Shows as to example at the Flex, Fluc, Auslage, Sub, Sass, Oben, Arena Nova, Q-West, Future Beatz, Beat It, Royal Bass Club Nights, Mainframe Soldiers, Beatpatrol PreParty, CWV & Switch! Takeover, Vollkontakt, HighScore, F.L.O.W Festival, FM4 Swound Sound, FM4 Digital Konfusion Mixshow.. to name a few.

played alongside with | Camo & Krooked | Netsky | Noisia | The Upbeats | Serial Killaz | Rockwell | Loadster | Youthstar MC | MC Fava | DaxtaMC | Chris.SU | Zombie Cats | Computerartist | Champion | Body & Soul | Disaszt | Pandora | Fourward | IllSkillz | D Kay | John B | Optiv & BTK | Brookes Brothers | S.P.Y. | and many more..

➫ WIPEOUT | Comrade Dnb


Head & Founder of Comrade DnB.

➫ SPF & FREQUENT | Comrade Dnb


A young dnb duo from Austria playing for the Comrade DnB Series @ SUB (Wr. Neustadt). They also played at several other DnB raves and supported artists like: Chris.SU, Jubei, B-Complex, Zombie Cats, Rido, Computerartist, Body & Soul, Disaszt, Fourward, Dkay, and many more..



❏ Doors Cafe 22:00
❏ Doors Halle 22:00

ENTRY: 8€ <00:00> 10€

2700 Wr. Neustadt
Singergasse 6-8