01.10.2016 | Reggae/Dancehall | Entry: AK 15 €

Im Jahr 2016 gehts Schlag auf Schlag – Dancehall ist am Vormarsch im SUB. Durch sehr glückliche Umstände holen wir, gemeinsam CITY LOCKaus Deutschland den jamaikanischen Dancehall-Veteran Mad Cobra nach Wiener Neustadt auf die Bühne, nachdem die Show im März aufgrund Cobra’s Autunfalls abgesagt werden musste.

Bereits seit über 20 Jahren ist Mad Cobra fester Bestandteil der Dancehall-Szene und ein Garant für energiegeladene Shows. Zum Portfolio des Ausnahmeartists zählen unzählige Hits wie „Tek Him“, „Di Baddest“ und „Press Trigger“ und sein Song „Flex“ schaffte es 1992 sogar bis auf Platz 1 der US-Billboard Charts. Auch die Neuauflage seiner Single „Press Trigger“ durch die schwedischen „Teddybears“ wurde zueinem internationalen Hit und auf dem Soundtracks den renommierten Videospiels „Fifa 2006“ veröffentlicht.

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HUG'S Head und Growshop in Wiener Neustadt

ø Mad Cobra, backed by City Lock

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ø SOUNDTANK CREW (StruttinBeats Records/SUB)



Wicked Dance Action by
Wicked Twinz & Vali

Wicked Flyer-Design by Ulrich Enge / Sublab

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ENTRY: VVK 13€, AK 15€


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“Forward Ever, Backward Never – the original Badman Sound from Countryside”
The reggae soundsystem SOUNDTANK CREW was founded in late 2007 by STRUTTINBEATS-Founder MUVA and SAN CLEMENTE with the mission to bring nice vibes and caribbean flavor to the lower austrian massive. A monthly night in Wiener Neustadt’s biggest club was born – “WILD OUT” mashin up the place, quickly becoming the regular reggae club to attend. In 2008, third member CHIQUITAMAN was added to the crew and the first old school soundsystem was bought. As of 2012, the orginal SOUNDTANK continues as a two man show, consisting of MUVA and CHIQUITAMAN. The two soundmen understand their business: from early roots and dub, to classic 80ties/90ties dancehall to the newest shots of the reggae industry – these guys have the tunes and understand how to rise the temperature throughout the night inna di dance. Love for the detail is also something the guest will always remember when attending a SOUNDTANK dance: the PA, the flyer-design, the decoration – handsorted and chosen wisely. After several years of partying hard and nearly 40 gigs, 2013 brings new goals: WILD OUT gets a new home, in one of Austria’s newest and most modern club: the SUB. The Crew can look back to Gigs with the likes of Turbulence, Gappy Ranks, Perfect Giddimani, Mikeylous, Baba Sound, Soulforce, Glockwork Posse and Sting Like A Bee, just to name a few. The guys went also into production: 2013 sees their first riddim release, a relick of the classic “Rockfort Rock”. Their first trip to Jamaica for 4 weeks brought a lot of new links and impressions, which will be altered in many different ways in the future. “WILD OUT” transforms into a real jamaican party – named “WAH GWAAN” from now on, at the SUB Club Wiener Neustadt. The next riddims are also in the making – so watch fi dis!

CITY LOCK was founded in 2002 by Tommy Dollar, Ali Bling, Paul & Ben E, in Berlin Germany.
With the intention to become a war sound, they stepped on the battlefield from their early years. Besides other clashes they could manage to win some of the most important clashes in Europe like „War Ina East“ and „Riddim Clash“. After the crew was limited to Tommy, Ali and Paul they took a little break from the battlefield to focus more on touring Europe with Caribbean artists like KMC, Maximus Dan, Mad Cobra, Daville and many more. They co-promote some of the biggest dances and clashes in Europe like the official after-show party from the „Carnival of Cultures“ called „Caribbean Invasion“ featuring artists from all over the Caribbean, the official German „Dancehall Queen Contest“, the „Euro Cup Clash“ and the „War Ina East“.  Travelling Jamaica regularly they played on many major juggling dances on the island like „Uptown Mondays“, „Nipple Tuesdays“ or „Bounty Sundays“. With their „City Lock Dubplate Studio“ they also run one of the biggest dubplate services in Europe organizing dubplate sessions in Kingston and Berlin with almost every artist in the reggae industry. Within the time of their break they also added a new member to the sound, the very talented Keon from Stockholm (Sweden) who keeps his own weekly dance in his hometown. Due to new priorities of the old members on family life they are about to recrute new members to be able to keep on covering all fields of functions within the sound and to expand into old and new fields of the music, such as own music productions and their new weekly radio show called „International Role Out Wednesday“ on Sound Chat Radio.
After a four-year break from soundclashes, City Lock finally just entered the battlefield again to play some major soundclashes in Europe in 2014. City Lock fears no sound in the world and is ready to prove that anytime anywhere!

1 Man Soundsystem (DJ – Selekta) from Austria Europe
Reggae – Dancehall – Hip Hop – Ragga – Jungle – Dub – Ska – Roots – Rocksteady
`45 Vinyl Collector
Dubplate Special addicted
…real Fishing Maniac

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