17.03.2017 | Metal | Entry: AK 10€

ø HYPNOS – death metal from CZ
ø DELIRIUM X-TREMENS – death metal from ITA
ø KICKDOWN – 90ies Core groove from AUT


••• HARD FACTS •••


VVK 8€, AK: 10€




HYPNOS was formed back in 1999 by BRUNO (bass/ ‘Cili Chili’ featured an exclusive interview with Bruno vocals) and PEGAS (drums), previously involved with the concerning the band and the local scene. On top of that, Death Metal act KRABATHOR (est. 1984). After signing with Morbid Records (DE) in 2000, the self- titled MCD was released following the debut full length album release ‘In Blood We Trust’ within the same year, featuring Mika Luttinen from IMPALED NAZARENE as a guest vocalist. The album was promoted during the No Mercy Festival across Europe while touring alongside BEHEMOTH, MORBID ANGEL, ENSLAVED, DYING FETUS and THE CROWN. In 2001, the band worked with the producer HARRIS JOHNS (Helloween, Kreator, Sodom, Tankard, Pestilence, Voivod) on the next album entitled ‘The Revenge Ride’, followed by performances in various events including With Full Force, Summer Breeze, Party-San and Hell On Earth among others. The successive album ‘Rabble Manifesto’ (2005) recorded again with Harris Johns was nominated for the Czech ‘Andel’ Award (a Czech Grammy Award equivalent) for the Hard & Heavy category. In January 2006 Hypnos went on tour with CENTINEX and PURGATORY across Europe. Later in 2010, the ‘Halfway To Hell’ EP was released. ROOT’s bassist Igorr together with Vlasa from Six Degrees of Separation joined on guitars. Subsequently, Hypnos performed at the Brutal Assault Festival (CZ), followed by three shows with NAPALM DEATH. In late 2011, Hypnos inked a deal with Einheit Produktionen (DE), leading the launching of the fourth album ‘Heretic Commando / Rise Of The New Antikrist’ in April 2012. Recording duties were handled by the sound engineer Børge Finstad (Mayhem, Ihsahn, Borknagar, ICS Vortex, Ulver…). The album received quality response from DECIBEL MAGAZINE (8/10), ROCKHARD, LEGACY, METALLIAN, TERRORIZER, EMP and even NUCLEAR BLAST. Additionally the Czech VODAFONE magazine a video was shot for the track title ‘Inverted’, directed by Mejla Basel (MACHINE HEAD ‘Darkness Within’, Marketa Irglova ‘Crossroads’…). During the same year, Hypnos took part in various shows including tours with VADER and NAPALM DEATH. In 2013, the band got endorsed by HOHNER, MAPEX, ANATOLIAN and VLASA & BLACK, besides the increasing participation in events including Extreme Fest (DE) and Brutal Assault (CZ) for the second time. A year later, Hypnos supported AMON AMARTH during their East European tour. Afterwards Igorr parted ways in order to focus on his main band ROOT, which led Canni (Six Degrees of Separation) to take over the additional guitar duties. During 2014, Bruno published his autobiography entitled ‘REVOLTIKON’ (Mystic Production) limited to 800 copies which became officially sold out after three months following its release. The publication received great responses from fans and media alike. In August, Bruno and Pegas joined Christopher to perform a KRABATHOR reunion gig at the Brutal Assault Festival. Given the show success and the intensive demand, Krabathor were invited to perform a mini-tour across Czech and Slovakia during March 2015. In August 2015, Mystic Production (PL) released a three- disc CD /DVD entitled ‘Rebirth of Brutality’ featuring the mini-tour in its entirety besides other material. For the time being, Hypnos is currently planning for a brand new album scheduled for 2016. Since inception, the band performed approximately 320 shows in various countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. As well, Hypnos shared the stage with other reputable acts like Amon Amarth, Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Macabre, Enslaved, Vader, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Morgoth, Haemorrhage or Pungent Stench.

Delirium X Tremens


DELIRIUM X TREMENS was born in Belluno in 1998, in the shadow of the majestic Dolomiti mountains. In 2003, with a stable line-up, they recorded CYBERHUMAN at the Majestic Studios (Scorzè – Venezia): it’s a self-produced ep, a mid-tempo death metal album with the scientific concept of the annihilation of the human will. In March 2005, the Mexican label Asenath Records reprinted and distributed the Mcd in Central America, increasing the success of the band also abroad. In the meantime, the band was working on its first full length album, CREHATED FROM NO_THING, the natural evolution of CyberHuman: here the operating speed and the rhythmical violence increase, while the atmosphere of the whole work becomes oppressive and obsessive. Compared to the other work, the band develops here the melodic parts of the album, uniting the various themes of the songs with a new malignant and sulphurous aura in a diseased way. This time DXT spread and express their hate through the ill and distorted personality of a scientist, who’s obsessed with the secret of eternal life and the annihilation of the human will. The album is published in June 2007 by the Italian label Punishment 18 ecords. At the beginning of the composition of their second album, DXT are at a crossroads concerning the choice of the main concept, but this time their brainwave comes directly from their own native land: the Province of Belluno and the magical tops of the Dolomiti mountains are the real source of inspiration of BELO DUNUM – Echoes From The Past. This album tells of past stories, legends and distant circumstances, events that happened in the whole Province of Belluno: this mixture gives life to a special work, which develops complex themes tightly correlated to a most advanced musical texture, above all thanks to the introduction of some typical instruments like flutes, violins and accordions and the employment of a mountain chorus. DELIRIUM X TREMENS go back to their own mountain area traditions, re-marking their refusal to technology, the leading instrument in this day and age. Everyone should listen to BELO DUNUM while reading it, looking at it, experiencing it. The beauty of the landscapes DXT paint in the songs and the appeal of the stories they evoke will enrapture you. This new work will be out on 24th October 2011 through Punishment 18 Records. After the release of their album the band started a new live activity playing in the most important Italian clubs and festivals. In 2013 the band spreads its Dolomitic icy wind during the tour in Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia. The Canadian label End Of Light Records (www.endofthelight.com) reprinted BELO DUNUM during the same year and distributed it in North and Central America. In the meantime, the Dolomiti mountains keep on inspiring the band, who starts composing its third full length album. New stories and legends are converted in music, starting up again exactly where the last work stopped. The sound is now enhanced by more fascinating harmonization and arrangements linked to the local tradition. In February 2016 DXT start their work at THE CROWNS STUDIO. The atmosphere of this building, surrounded by the mountains of Belluno, give an special spirit to the recording, which is even empathized during the month of May 2016 thanks to the work of Larsen Premoli, the curator of the mixing and mastering of the album at his REC LAB studios. TROI will be published on the 30th of November 2016; a Punishment 18 Records production again.